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All in 1 Quran MP3


Whole Holy Quran audio - Mp3 (android) no need internet only first usedQuran MP3 for Android you can quran download for listen after download it.Whole Holy Quran quran explorer no need internet only first used This application presents a Murottal Quran recitation from multiple Qori 'that can help the user to increase the vocabulary of songs in reading the quran karim. This application will also be a motivation and guidance for the user both children and adults to learn to read Quran with tartil or even memorize quran audio it.These applications enhance quran recitation murottal application before, and hope in the future, this application quran mp3 download more helpful and useful for all.
Al Quran is The Holy Book for all Muslims, It has been sent down as the light and guidance for Muslim's daily life through the True Path. In Al Quran quran in english there are verses of Commandment of Allah, The Prohibitions of Allah, and the story of the Previous Ummah. So, it is the time for us, listening these quran verses for Our daily life.In This App, we preserve holy quran murattal-style of the 50 famous Qari' in the world, They Are:Quran English TranslationQuran French TranslationQuran German TranslationQuran Spanish TranslationQuran Italiano TranslationQuran Russian TranslationQuran Urdu TranslationQuran Indonesia TranslationAbdelbari Al-Toubayti Abdul Aziz Al-Ahmad Abdulbasit AbdulsamadAbdullah Al-BurimiAbdullah Al-JohanyAbdullah Al-MattrodAbdulmohsin Al-HarthyAbdulrahman AlsudaesAbu Bakr Al Shatri Adel RyyanAhmad AmerAhmad SaudAkram AlalaqmiHani ArrifaiMaher Al-Me'aqliMishary Al AfasiMohammad AbdullkaremMohammed Siddiq Al MinshawiMousa Bilal Muammar ZANasser AlqatamiSaad Al-GhamdiSalah AlbudairSaud AlShuraimYasser Al-Dosari
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